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Kokkari Village, Samos Island


Kokkari is 9.5 km northwest of the town of Samos, on the coastal, peripheral road of the island. It has a small harbor for small fishing and tourist boats. The current settlement was built at the beginning of the 19th century initially in the ruins of an older abandoned on two hills and later slowly expanded into the plain. There are two versions for his name. One version says that the name owes it to the extensive cultivation of the kokkari ( is the small onion), but it is more likely that his name took him from his first important settler and owner. In the old days, the inhabitants were mostly farmers and fishermen, but today about 1,000 permanent residents are mainly engaged in tourism, as Kokkari is one of the most developed tourist areas in Samos.

The picturesque village due to the well-preserved old houses and its harbor, the rich vegetation of the area, the very good tourist infrastructure and of course the beautiful beaches attract many visitors who have many possibilities for staying in the area. Many traditional restaurants and scenic seaside taverns are located along the beach and in the center of the village where they offer great food from the local cuisine. There are also many cafes in which the visitor can enjoy moments of relaxation.

Access to Kokkari is easy with regular bus services from the capital, taxis and private or rented cars and motorbikes.